Miss Seven Rivers Competition Information

The Miss Seven Rivers Pageant is an “open” pageant.  This means that any young woman between the ages of 17-24 who lives in, works full-time in, or goes to school/college in the state of Wisconsin can compete.

Miss Seven Rivers will receive a $1000 scholarship.  She will have the opportunity to compete at the Miss Wisconsin Pageant for additional scholarship money.

The Miss Seven Rivers Pageant is a one-day pageant competition.  Contestants will arrive at approximately 8:30am to learn walking patterns, have two talent run-throughs, compete in the interview competition, and then compete in the Miss Seven Rivers Pageant.  There are no practices before the same-day event.

Miss Seven Rivers contestants will compete in the following competitions: Interview, Onstage Question, Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit, Artistic Expression in Talent, and Presence & Poise in Evening Wear.  Interview will take place before the pageant competition.  All other areas of competition will occur onstage during the pageant.

The Interview competition is on an individual basis.  Contestants will stand in front of a panel of five judges who will ask questions.  The interview is 9 minutes and 30 seconds with a 30 second closing statement.  Contestants may stand behind or to the side of the podium that’s in the room, but not in front of it.  Do not shake hands with the judges when the interview is finished. The Interview portion will take place between 9:30am-3:00pm.  Contestant interview times will be determined by the number of contestants and your particular contestant number.

There are no production numbers that contestants are responsible to learn.  The opening number will be a short walking pattern with individual introductions by contestants.  Contestants will wear a black shirt, jeans, and jewelry and heels of their choosing.

You may arrive with full, partial, or no make-up.  Please be aware that between learning walking patterns and the Interviews, you may only receive an hour to get ready.  It’s a fast-paced day!

There is no wardrobe allowance that is allotted to Miss Seven Rivers.  The new titleholder will be responsible for her wardrobe for the Miss Wisconsin Pageant.

Miss Seven Rivers will work directly with the Miss Seven Rivers director and committee during her year of service.